Down But Not Out

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Down But Not Out
by Patricia Wilson Lowe

Patricia was born in Jersey City, NJ and raised in Newark, NJ, the fourth child of five, with three sisters and one brother. She currently resides in Conyers, GA with her husband of 27 years.

Patricia loves to read, write, and spend time with her family and friends. She is an Evangelist that loves the Gospel and will tell it everywhere she goes. Patricia lives, sleeps, and breathes the scripture Romans 8:28, which has been her road map of faith while on her journey.

Patricias journey will take you through the shame of abuse, verbal, emotional, mental, and physical. Her journey will help you understand that the co-dependent is just as sick as the addict, and goes through withdrawals as well. Patricias journey will help you to forgive the woman who slept with your husband and still have the love of Christ for her. Patricia travels this journey abandoned and lonely by family; wanting to sit at holiday dinner tables, but never invited or even missed

She falls in love with someone who shows her love no matter what and changes her life forever. Patricia finds true love, but its still a rough road. She goes from kicking down crack house doors to kicking down the devil. Patricias story will touch the hearts of men and women looking for courage to forgive and love again. As Patricia took this journey from Trial to Triumph, she realized her journey didnt complete her lifeit was her journey, not her destiny!!

(2012, paperback, 52 pages)