Dream Weaver

ISBN: 978-0-8059-7999-2
by T.R. Janowski George Feather, a former Miami high school teacher, resigns from teaching amid chaos that ensues after one of his students commits suicide, and he returns to his hometown in Citadel, Indiana. What grieves him about his students death is he held the key to saving him if hed come to grips with his ability to dream weave, an ability to piece together symbols from visions to save other peoples lives. It is a gift of precognition passed through his familys genes from his ancestors, who believed the Fates gave it to them for the sole purpose of keeping harmony and balance in the world. He, however, wants to walk his own path and not be made to look like an eccentric in a world of strangers. Soon after his return to Citadel, he learns he has no choice when he has a vision of the woman he loves being stalked by a psychopathic stranger. His desire to save her gives him the courage to follow his destiny. Soon theyre reunited and swept into new tribulations as his gift begins to transform and the Fates present him with new challenges in which to use it. ABOUT THE AUTHOR T.R. Janowski is also the author of What Dreams Are Made Of. She has resided in Indiana with her family for over twenty-two years. She works a fulltime job and also writes. Her goal as an author is to offer entertainment in the paranormal and contemporary romance genre to every romance reader. She aspires to be interesting, insightful, and intriguing in her writing. She holds a certificate in the medical secretarial field and a diploma for medical transcription, and while she is at times a jack-of-all-trades, she feels everything and everyone she has had the pleasure to meet in her life contributes to her creativity in her storylines. Her sincere wish is that all of her readers find her books to be an escape from the problems of everyday life and a joy to read. (2007, paperback, 204 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.