E-Z Phonics to the Rescue

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E-Z Phonics to the Rescue
by Doris Ortiz

E-Z Phonics to the Rescue makes the phonics rules and sounds come to life and easy to learn. It incorporates all the senses with vivid visuals, amusing practical clues, and motions to help memorize the sounds. It is so simple to use parents can start immediately by having the learner take the placement test. There are also five-minute tests at the end of each chapter to assess learner progress. Teachers find this a time saving resource, as each chapter contains a systematic layout of sounds and sight words with matching activities and minimal materials or preparation. Learners become motivated as they quickly master sounds and realize they are readers!

About the Author

This work is a compilation of some of the best strategies to teach phonics systematically in an animated style. It was birthed, after 18 years as an educator in grades one through three, and tutoring hundreds of students who struggle with reading in various parts of the country. Students enjoy the visuals and stories, while quickly feeling empowered as they see themselves reading and writing. This resource is a well-researched approach that incorporates all the senses. It is effective with young children including second language learners and students with learning disabilities. My philosophy of education is to have high expectations, motivate, and inspire every student to read and become life-long learners.

(2012, hardcover, 70 pages)