Earth: The First Target


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Earth: The First Target
by L. J. Pster

This is a story of identical twin brothers who assist God in defending the Earth, as well as the entire universe, against the assaults of Satan and his minions. It is set in Heaven, Earth, and many planets and star systems throughout the universe. The brothers embark on Gods assignments with the help of the archangels and many ancient holy relics. The brothers defend the Earth and planet after planet from the relentless attacks by Satan. Each attack is thwarted by the ingenuities of the brothers and the archangels.

About the Author

This is my first venture into the world of story telling. It began when I woke up with an idea. I wanted to write about Heaven and how it should look. The ideas came fast and furious, and it was difficult to keep up with them as I committed to paper these ideas. Writing this book has been a labor of love, and I hope all who read it will enjoy the experience.

I started this book after retiring with thirty years in public health as a registered nurse. I wanted to write something different than my daily writing, and this book is the result.

I am married and live in California with my husband. I have two grown children and three wonderful grandchildren.

(2010, paperback, 352 pages)