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by Annette Meyer

The wonders of a world with wireless communication systems and seemingly endless innovative capabilities in business, industry, research, and scientific endeavors stretches the most fertile imaginations.

But along with the positive comes a number of negative elements. Interrelationships of nature, people, and things are much more closely knit. Whether intentional or not, behavior and/or actions in one area may be contagious or offensive in another area.

Economic Freedom & Choice presents a major economic and social problem and suggests avenues to its resolution by consumers, nations, and the world. The problem is maintaining the existence of viable economic and social, personal, and market constructions, along with the new ones, such as the internet, for the benefit of all now, and to permit continued future choices to those who follow.

About the Author

Annette Meyer is Professor Emeritus of the College of New Jersey, former adjunct professor at Hunter College of the City University of New York, and former president of the Economists of New Jersey, among other similar positions.

The published works of Annette Meyer include Comparative Economic Policies of Nations; Mini-World of 20 Nations in Real Time; PUBLIC GOODS, PRIVATE GOODS; and The Trouble with Money, all available from this publisher. Forthcoming books include BANKING plus:; From Demand to Supply and Back Again; and PROTOTYPE FOR A NATIONAL MACROECONOMIC MODEL IN ACTION.

(2011, paperback, 30 pages)
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