Edilma: On White and On Black


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Edilma: On White and On Black
by A. Meyer

Seeing is believing, so they say;
But no two people see the same.

A rose is a rose, and all that;
But does the rose smell as sweet when its color changes?

Does a single line convey the depth of space?
Does a single color reflect the variety of nature?
Does a white page need to be filled?
Does a black page echo the mind?
Does a still life soothe the soul?
Does a grim face intrigue the onlooker?

Lines help encompass form;
Color heightens hidden desires.
Whether on white or on black,
The essence of a painting rests in its composition.

About the Author

Drawing and painting have been a central challenge in the life of Annette Meyer. From citywide recognition for a painting done in pre-kindergarten, to solo exhibitions in a 57th Street New York City gallery, to acceptance in the Artists File at MOMA, to hundreds of private and public individuals and institutions owning A Meyer paintings, the challenge continues.

Hunter College Libraries of CUNY harbor a large collection of the works by A Meyer, along with slides and biographical materials. A life member of the Art Students League of New York and former attendee at the sketch classes of the Princeton Art Association, the artist has been inspired by intriguing models and vivid memories to render an outpouring of colorful works. RoseDog Books has several books of artworks on paper by Annette Meyer, including AM 10 to July, Ode to Numbers, and Daydreams.

(2011, paperback, 46 pages)
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