Elmer Recalls

ISBN: 978-0-8059-9028-7
by Betty Snyder Shaffer Higgs Experience the stories of a boy of Pennsylvania Dutch and German descent growing up during a time with none of our modern conveniences. He takes a Saturday bath in the parlor with Brother and Sister after Ma and Pa take their baths. He and his friends play catch the goat in a neighbors barn. He and his brother Bill ride their fathers plow horses to a favorite swimming hole. He learns to work in his fathers stone quarry. He matures and furthers his education by riding a train to school in a town a few miles from his home. Before and during the Great Depression, he has jobs as a bookkeeper, store clerk, truck driver, and apprentice plumber and sheet metal man. He meets and marries his wife, Lillie May Snyder, and their two daughters love to listen to his life stories at dinnertime as Elmer Recalls. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Betty Snyder Shaffer Higgs has always been curious about the why, when, what, and who of spiritual awareness. She finds enjoyment in helping others and tent camping in national and state parks with friends and family. She has been self taught by observing behavior patterns of people in her daily life and attending international association programs, government agencies seminars, and college courses. Betty has interests in nonfiction writing, reading, oil painting, organic gardening and farming, nutritional supplements, complementary medicine, environmental issues, and being grandmother to three exceptional grandchildren. Her next book is a diary of a six-week camping trip to Alaska in 1987 accompanied by her husband and father with breathtaking descriptions of scenery and daily contacts with Alaskan residents including big wild animals. (2006, paperback, 44 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.