Embracing My Life


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Embracing My Life
by Teresa Jackson

Embracing My Life is an inspirational book about some of the challenges I have faced in my life, and how I chose to deal with them. Along the way, I became very close to an eighty-seven year young man who had a terminal illness. I realized that what we had to offer each other could truly be a blessing for both of us- and it was. Writing poetry was one of the ways I was able to express some of the feeling I had during these challenging times, and thus I have incorporated some of my poems in this book. Through my faith, and a belief that everything happens for a reason, and with this amazing mans help, I found myself encouraged, and full of this overwhelming desire to share this part of my life with others whom I could possibly help through our story - an incredible love story!

About the Author

I live in a small town in Maine called New Gloucester. I graduated in 1973 from Gray-New Gloucester High School. During my childhood years I only ever dreamed of being a wife and a mother. I have three children, a stepson, and three grandchildren. I love children and have always had this desire to help everyone. My inspiration for this book and my poetry came from several challenging and rewarding times in my life. While taking care of Bill, I found my true self, and through our story of love, faith, and spirituality, I began writing poetry and then this truly inspirational book Embracing My Life blossomed. Reading and listening to the stories of other inspirational people along the way, has inspired me even more to continue writing for as long as the words flow. I believe, that through the hardest times in your life, if you grab hold of these lessons with a knowing that there is something you need to learn from them, they can become some of the most rewarding and inspirational times in your life. They have for me, and I feel content and blessed to be able to share some of my life with you.

(2010, paperback, 60 pages)