Enter the Gloaming

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Enter the Gloaming
by Madame Water Rat

Two women are guests for the ceremony of an old Vietnamese gentleman one evening in a Louisiana cemetery. One woman loses her jade gold ring, and decides to go back to locate it. They flee after an apparition arises from a tomb screeching a warning, Take not what is yours.

They are drawn towards an unfamiliar house and met by a hound that desperately tries to prevent them from entering. They unknowingly steal belongings of others, which an old man has strategically placed there. If they cannot return objects into their rightful places before midnight, their souls will be trapped forever

About the Author

The author is an Australian lyricist and writer. She has had few but significant supernatural experiences throughout her life. She has a real affinity towards animals and children and would rather be with them, as they dont judge and allow her soul to open up and flow creatively. She abhors any type of cruelty towards them.

Madame Water Rat lives in harmony with her lovely four remaining pet birds, as sadly some have passed away during the process of this book. She really appreciates privacy and anonymity as she has led a really painful existence.

(2013, Paperback, 86 pages)