Envy Ivy


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Envy Ivy
by Lisa Branch

The mean girls in school think everything will go their way just because theyre popular; well, their lives may change course when they mess with the wrong person.

There is a new girl, Ivy, in school who catches the attention of every student whenever she walks by. Amidst her geeky outdated fashion, everyone seems to want to know her because shes undeniably, drop-dead beautiful. The three senior girls: Jessica, Beth, and Theresa, who are the popular-mean girls, are irritated with her presence: especially Jessica, the leader of their group.

Jessica cant stand Ivys presence, envious that she may take her crown as queen of their school. One day, in math class, Jessica plots to kill Ivy. She then gathers her girls, and they take Ivys life while is sleeping.

Unfortunately, Ivys ghost comes back for revenge and brutally kills the three girls who kill her. After, she goes back to her room and writes down the names of those who killed her, right beneath her parents names. Could she really be a ghost out for vengeance?

About the Author

Lisa Branch lives in Brooklyn, New York. She spends her freetime reading, writing, swimming and on art.

(2011, paperback, 30 pages)