Eraser World

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Eraser World
by Harriett Webb

Sitting in a favorite comfortable position, reviewing memories of the past, can often be like playing a game of cards. Thinking about the next move or step to take towards becoming a winner. It does not take very long for someone to reminisce about loving memories you never want to forget and memories you want to erase. Waking up everyday knowing you have a task ahead of you but you do not know how it will be played out. From childhood until you become an adult, it's a journey everyone will take. You start the day opening your eyes and your family are the first people you encounter. Your feet touch the floor and the journey begins. You never feel you are poor, with only limited amount of material things, you only have rich feelings with lots of love. Knowing within yourself you are a good, strong and loving person, makes you feel special and, with this feeling you can conquer anything you want to do. With the help of loving parents and siblings makes this voyage a safe and secure passage. Our thoughts and memories from the past are in two columns: one column to erase memories, and one column, we will treasure forever. All of them combined are situations humans try to control, some of them we can control and some we can do nothing to prevent, only accept them and move on with life.

About the Author: Being born in a northern state and having parents from the Deep South was a pleasure to H. Louse Webb. Her parents raised their six children to be loving and trustworthy people. Her parents taught their children if you share and be kind to others it will come back to you in the future. The family had very little money, but they had lots of love. They had a vegetable garden and chickens, ducks, dogs and cats.

In high school, Webb knew she wanted to be a writer. She received an A for an autobiography. Many years have passed since high school, but never say never. You may surprise yourself as Webb has.

(2015, Paperback, 28 pages)