Escape Socotra Island... Dead Men Still Tell No Tales

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Escape Socotra Island: Dead Men Still Tell No Tales
by Bruce E. Norris

World-renowned reptile and big-game hunter Captain Bloodfoot and his crew of beautiful women embark on a mission to hunt and kill a nuisance great white shark off the Coast of Socotra Island. Their tranquil cruise through the Gulf of Aden suddenly turns disastrous when pirates attack, sinking his sailing ship and taking the crew for ransom. The lead pirate, Abduljameel soon realizes he took on more than he bargained for when his hostages escape and exact revenge.

Captain Virgil Goodman and his illustrious crew learn about the fate of Bloodfoot and upon hearing the news that help will not arrive in time to save his head, find no other choice but to go on an adventurous rescue operation to free their friend before its too late. With the deadline looming before Bloodfoot is beheaded and corrupt military men hunting the hostages, its a madcap adventure set on a strange island.

Youll start to wonder whos chasing who in this second novel of the Virgil Goodman adventure series.

About the Author:

A native of south Florida, Bruce E. Norris lives with his wife and two kids along with many pets, ranging from birds to horses. He and his family enjoy the ocean and camping in the Florida Keys. Norris is an avid diver and fisherman. With vivid imagination, the writer of the bestselling What Lurks Below presents his latest adventure for you to enjoy.

(2015, Paperback, 414 pages)