Essence of Life Poetry

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Essence of Life Poetry
by Shaun Mitchem

Essence of Life Poetry is a book of poetry aimed at bringing the emotions of joy, hope, and happiness back into the hearts of its readers. In reading these poems, the readers can see the brightness in the future before them and be willing to take the chances on decisions that seemed treacherous.

This is a collection of poetry accumulated over the course of two years poured from the authors heart as he went through tragedy after tragedy. The soul will speak its pain through various avenues - and poetry is one of them.

Essence of Life Poetry is unique because the poems are written purely from the authors heart and soul, using the stream of consciousness style. This book will touch you and make you think.

About the Author:

Author Shaun T. Mitchem has written poetry for many years with aspirations of spreading his positive message to his readers. A native of West Virginia, he has lived in the city of Inwood for numerous years. A scientist by trade and poet by night, he has worked diligently on his task.

(2014, Paperback, 48 pages)