Eternity, Through My Fingers


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Eternity, Through My Fingers
by Angelina Blackburn

Eternity, Through My Fingers is a collection of spiritual insights which came to me in answer to prayer.

Through these and others, the picture of the God I serve became clear, revealing One who loves with a love far greater than I had ever imagined. He has shown me that His love for me is sure, it is constant and unwavering. Through this love, I have rediscovered my value as a person, as a woman, and as His child. God has painted for me, a picture of Himself, Eternity, using my own fingers.

About the Author

Writing has always been my chief creative outlet, giving life to many short stories, poems and even a novella. This book, however, has come from a different source. It is my first publication and represents an awakening from the long night of depression. Using His Word, the Lord has shown me that, to Him, I have great worth, and that He loves me beyond my highest expectations, beyond my highest hopes.

I have no Ecclesiastical training. Just a testimony of how God, through the medium of His Word, the Bible, can rebuild anybody, if they will let Him. And while His method is never how we think, the result is always far better than we anticipate.

(2011, paperback, 60 pages)