Everything Turns to Callous: That????s Life


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Everything Turns to Callous: Thats Life
by Annie Salisbury

I was born and raised in northwest Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and graduated from John Marshall High School before its transformation. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and Emporia State University, Kansas, most of my life was spent in poverty employed as a teacher or in minimum-wage jobs. I swore to myself Id never leave home at age 16; at age 17, I went to college and never managed to get back. The best memories come from childhood.

My books are a rebellion toward growing up in a world fragmented with the shrapnel of human hearts; it just cant be sidestepped. I tried, but to this there is no immunity.

If our paths have ever crossed, someone mentioned your name to me, there was a blurb on television about you, perhaps a song on the radio, I have loved you, and you are probably somewhere within my writingsI just didnt want anyone to know, especially you. How else does one relieve the pain of separation?

I am way too weak, as I am repeatedly told. Today I prefer a horse and/or dog, but I am settling for my six cats. Peace out.

(2010, paperback, 192 pages)