Exercise in Concentration and Discipline


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Exercise in Concentration and Discipline
by William Hampton

This book contains the new logic-based puzzles that will awaken the interest of people who have never been keen on word and general knowledge puzzles but have sharp minds and enjoy the challenge logic puzzles present.

I have compiled several puzzles that, until now, were not available. If you have the discipline to complete these puzzles before checking the answers (cheating), your concentration skills will be enhanced tenfold, guaranteed!

What I have not done is provide a comprehensive set of strategies for each puzzle. I have set the rules and provided simple puzzles to start you off. I think discovering the strategies is half the challenge. You can expect tough times ahead.

Do not be misguided by the size of this book. You will find it offers plenty to keep you occupied. Enjoy!

About the Author

My name is William Hampton. I am a World War II veteran. I grew up in a little village called Linndale, Ohio. I attended John Marshall High School in Cleveland for two years, graduating from East Technical High School, where I played football. During my tour with the U. S. Army, I played football for the Graffenwohr Cannoneers (military community). I played fullback, and we were European co-champions.

While going to school, I worked for the U. S. Government for thirty-five years and six months. I started at G. S. File Clerk and was promoted several times to Reach G. S. 12 Computer Programmer/Analyst.

My late wife, Barbara L. Thorne, was truly inspirational. She was definitely on my team. How she raised three children and worked, Ill never know. She had to be an organized genius because I thought all she ever did was talk on the telephone. Peace and love to all.

(2008, paperback, 52 pages)