Far Away and Close: Melody of a Pattern (Далекое и близкое: Мелодия рисунка)

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Far Away and Close: Melody of a Pattern (Далекое и близкое: Мелодия рисунка) (Russian Edition)
by Leonid Khaychenko (Леонид Хайченко)

Accidentally seen in an antique store in Manhattan, an old painting has led to the discovery of a lost branch of a Russian noble family in the years before Russian revolution.

The romantic travel to Paris of a couple of New Yorkers for a meeting with an art dealer who sold the work. He knew that Russian family since they immigrated to France.

That painting also keeps a love story between the author of the painting, a peasant nonspeaking boy, and a landowners daughter. The dumb boy son of gardener expressed his feelings with colors of the life which he tried to transfer on the canvas as well as to the loving girl and especially the world.

With Loving Orchard of that noble estate like with the best friend they share their not simply feelings and hopes.

Success, love and misfortune have ruled the lives of their families through years of peace and trouble time of revolution and civil war.

Test of fate bitter and sweet just like wild honey involved days of darkness and of light. The roads of destinies paint dark and light days of their lives.

(2016, Paperback, 508 pages)