Females Fabrics Fabrications

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Females Fabrics Fabrications
by A. Meyer

Red hot days and cold blue nights
females fabrics fabrications
from---Right side up
to----Up side down
Long active days and short sleepless nights can do the same.

Fabulous females in fashionable fabrics contemplate their transformation
From---Right side up
To----Up side down
Not by time zones but by circles, squares, dots, dashes, and widespread skullduggery.

The fabrications overhang their separate space
Gravity defied, has moved to another place.

About the Author

The background of a painter frequently exposes more commercial endeavors: Leonardo da Vinci built model airplanes; Michaelangelo Buonorrati was an architect; Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec painted posters; Andy Warhol was an advertising illustrator; Annette Meyer was a fashion designer.

The patterns and luxurious folds of female fashion wear were created by Annette Meyer and draped on models in exhibitions from the opening of the Castellana Hilton in Madrid to the semi-annual showings at the Pierre Hotel in New York. Trips to Paris to collaborate with Hubert de Givenchy, and to Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires to present new fashion collections, were among some former career exploits.

An insightful collection of artworks of Annette Meyer can be found at the Hunter College Libraries, biographical and art world activities in the Artist's File at MOMA, and the models portrayed in this book at the Art Students League of New York. Many more books of artworks by Annette Meyer are available at www.rosedogbookstore.com.

(2012, paperback, 34 pages)
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