Finding Calmwater: The Story of One Man????s Marriage and Divorce

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Finding Calmwater: The Story of One Mans Marriage and Divorce
by Jim Wright

In quite possibly the only book of its kind, Jim Wright shares his personal story of marriage and divorce with the hope of educating men that may be contemplating, in the process of, or that have just gone through a divorce. He explores not only the divorce process, but its fallout on immediate and extended family, friends, personal finances, and the nature of sexuality relative to popular beliefs regarding marriage.

Written by a man for men, Mr. Wrights goal is to educate. First, to help men deal with the emotional pitfalls that will present themselves throughout the process. Secondly, he wishes to help men unravel the mystery around lawyers and the courts, by exposing the ultimate simplicity of divorce, and the potential to lower costs. Perhaps most importantly, the author shares key lessons he learned in an effort to help other men avoid making some of the mistakes he made himself.

This easy-to-read, informational look at what may seem like the black hole of all personal issues reveals that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is possible to navigate the heartache of divorce and remain a productive, self-respecting man.

About the Author:

Divorced after 20 years, and the father of four children, Jim Wright holds two degrees: a BA in Sociology (Oakland University) and a Master of Liberal Studies in American Culture (University of Michigan). He was a sales and marketing executive in the auto industry until 2009, when he switched gears and moved into the chemical business, where he works today.

(2016, Paperback, 126 pages)