First Interstellar War


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First Interstellar War            

By: Tom Ament

About the Book

Hundreds of years in the future, Ensign Olaf Anders is a new naval officer assigned to his first ship after graduating a year early from lunar naval space academy. Quickly he is thrust into marine and naval combat, soon to learn the sacrifice good officers make for their ship and crew’s wellbeing.

                First Interstellar War: Rugar Olaf Anders of the Sol Confederation Navy adds an expansive and riveting tale to the military/science fiction genre that can be credited to author Tom Ament’s ten years of military service, his extensive knowledge of weaponry, and six years of classified DOD and Dept. of Army operational and contract auditing. It is a story that will appeal to military veterans and beyond.


About the Author

Tom Ament has been a sailor, a soldier, combat-wounded veteran of Vietnam, and a federal operational and contract auditor dealing with classified information. While on active duty, he was stationed in Italy, Alaska, and Vietnam, and travelled to many places such as Japan, Australia, Spain, Germany, and Iceland. He holds a BS in accounting and an MBA in federal contract management, and he is a member of Vietnam Veterans of America and The Order of the Purple Heart.


(2018, Paperback, 127 pages)