Flashlight Frights: Fireside Tales to Tell in the Night


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Flashlight Frights: Fireside Tales to Tell in the Night
by Patricia A. Stanko-Madugno

Have you heard the graves play songs from clanking bones? Have you felt the cold chill of someone behind you to find no one there? Have you ever felt the provoking presence of a lurking ghost? Well, when you enter the captivating, dark pages of Flashlight Frights, you surely will!

Flashlight Frights: Fireside Tales to Tell in the Night is an eerie collection of bone-chilling folklore that will leave the reader full of delightful shivers! From spooky animal spirits to Indian ghost riders who roam the desolate earth to haunted amusement parks and more, youll be anxious to turn the next page! With the twisted turns of unsuspected endings and the creative, lively, and bloodcurdling characters, youre sure to be drawn right into these gruesome tales, leaving you clutching the end of your seat!

About the Author

Patricia A. Stanko-Madugno is married. She currently lives outside New York City and has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from Binghamton University. She enjoys doing charity work for animals and loves spending time with her family, friends, and pets. Patricia wrote this book in hopes of giving children and adults alike a chance to become part of the adventure and excitement of these spine-tingling stories. It is for parents who love reading to their children and for kids who like a good scare. Whether youre sitting around a campfire, having a sleep over, celebrating Halloween, or just bringing friends and family together, its a great way to spend time and provoke the most unfrightened reader! Now enjoy these ghoulish tales of folklore, and read if you dare!

(2011, paperback, 38 pages)