For Lack of a Title

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For Lack of a Title
by Nathan Wright

Kentucky, a land rich in natural resourcesnamely coalwas causing a stir for landholders there. It seemed that land was being fraudulently acquired in large quantities by a trust known only as The Board.

A chance meeting on an upscale train ride departing from New York City brought Hash Burton, an attorney working for The Board, and Stanley Rooms, an attorney for William Haskell Conley, a major landowner and victim of The Board, together for a fateful night of cigars and chess.

Rooms knew that Burton had his sights set on Prestonsburg, Kentucky, the home of Conley, his firms most valued client. Burton had his own plans of becoming the dominant force in the coal industry by taking over the Conley farm and stopping Conleys transportation business in its tracks.

Will Burtons plans for control of the coal industry become a reality?

About the Author:

Nathan resides in Kentucky with his son and their ferocious cat, BB.

(2017, Paperback, 268 pages)