Freight Management Trucking in the 21st Century


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Freight Management Trucking in the 21st Century
by Darrin D. Griffith

The transportation of freight is one of the oldest and most important professions in the world. Freight is transported by aircraft, ship, and train. The trucking industry is the biggest shipping asset in America because the trucks can deliver freight from the shipyards, train yards, and airports to specific destinations.The trucking industry plays an important role in our economy.

A few major problems in the trucking industry need to be addressed to maintain a healthy economy. The trucking industry is one of the last industries that has not changed in over forty-five years. This is causing a big turnover rate with the truck drivers. The problem will only get worse in the future as younger generations grow up and enter into the trucking field. They may try to make truck driving their career of choice, but our economy may suffer as a result.

About the Author

I was born in Atlanta, GA. I attended Atlanta Area Schools, including Dekalb Junior College and Morris Brown College. After attending college, I opened and ran a beer and wine convenience store in Atlanta for five years. After placing orders with the wholesalers to restock my inventory, I realized I was solely depending on the truck drivers to deliver my freight so I could make a profit and support my family. As result, I decided to get into a challenging and rewarding industry, which plays an important role in the American economy and the global economy.

(2010. paperback, 46 pages)