God's Devil

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Gods Devil
by Sam Ohen

Ever dreamed of an eight-foot giant who teaches you to telekinetically lift massive objects? How would you feel if this same giant professed to be from a different realm and promised that you are a super-human, destined for greatness?

This is what happens to Louis Laffoon, and much more.

Gods Devil follows Louis, a cerebral genius, who grew up in a clandestine techno-military academy that only chooses the elite. He discovers miraculous gifts under the tutelage of an ancient creature called The Guardian of Souls, who haunts his dreams and trains him in esoteric arts of the mind. Louis has vast telekinetic abilities and can heal people with his mind. He is enticed to join The Order of the Cobras, an ancient order charged with fighting the vile Shadows. The Shadows are led by the evil Marvogi, a malevolent mastermind with extraordinary gifts. Louis discovers the history behind his burgeoning powers and must use them to defeat The Shadows and come to terms with his own destiny.

About the Author:

Sam Ohan is a self-described daydreamer and jack of all trades. His foray into the world of novels started at a young age as he spent his childhood reading fiction and honing his daydreaming skills. His work ethic comes from his Capricorn half and his dreaminess originates from his Aquarian side. Mr. Ohan has always been a storyteller; his summer holidays were spent with dozens of books and his philosophies on the occult, mysticism, and the paranormal can be traced to his growing period in India. He sees writing as a creative escape from the mundane rigors of everyday life.

Mr. Ohan holds a Masters degree in computers and is currently an engineer for Microsoft. He resides in Seattle with his beautiful wife and daughter.

(2017, Paperback, 530 pages)