God's Gems

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God's Gems
by Lynne Borow

Some people think they have all the answers. Some people will go to all lengths to make you believe they do. But some people are smarter than that. Some know they dont and thats okay because they know the One who does.

Introducing Lynne. She welcomes you into her world with an easy-to-follow, lose-yourself-in-my-world childrens book about life, love, and God. Her story of colors in and of our lives brings new delight to the story of creation and all that God shares. The joys and trials in Lynnes life experience includes raising three daughters; helping her husband in his home-based, self-employed, taxidermy business; physical difficulties; accidents; and everyday life.

Her friendship with a close, personal God brings the answers to the forefront when life is too confusing. The Bible is a daunting book, but if you know where to look and why to open it in the first place, you will find a God who is personal, friendly, and real. And Lynne is here, showing you the way! This book is not just for children, but it is a sweet reminder that God is waiting for each and every person to blossom into full color!

About the Author

Lynne Borow lives in Upstate New York with her husband. They have three daughters, two grandsons, and five granddaughters, all of whom have helped her live the life necessary to develop this book. Her love of and devotion to God has shaped and molded her into a woman most of us can only hope to be. She has spent her life devoted to learning and teaching others. She has prevailed as a teacher in her churches, Sunday schools, youth centers, and daycare settings, and she continues to look for opportunities to help others.

Despite physical difficulties, the loss of a daughter, and the general stress of life, Lynne continues to be an inspiration to the lives of all she touches.

(2012, paperback, 34 pages)