Golden Scripts


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Golden Scripts
by Ravian Artiva

Image is how you see yourself. How you see yourself is how others should see you alsowell, almost all of the time. Unfortunately not everyone else will see you the same way you want to be seen. I learned quickly how the world divides itself with the name calling, classification, profiling, labeling, and the status quo. Even throughout my childhood, I had to discover the hard way was not the best way, that there is a smarter way to overcome all obstacles. I felt like I was orphaned when I felt separated by my family as well as from the public school structure. My own mother had worked herself into disability and is still barely receiving enough to live with. The realization that I myself had too many excuses and needed to find the one true reason to stay strong, I had to activate my focus to accomplish my vision like eagles do.

Even if it takes a couple of years to wash away the tears and turn the frown to the crown, I have to discover my own true identity and go beneath my fire buried underneath my heart. The Marine Corps was my quickest way out of the family and school struggles. The discovery of residual self-image was discovered with the Marine Corps way of being the finest, the few, the Marines. The knight in shining armor definitely held the portrait of the Marine life as the modern chivalry.

The gallantry with valor proved to demonstrate the art of courtesy. Heroism is only for the daring with refinement in politeness and attentiveness. Graciousness at its best is what many and all should admire from the moral fiber buried in the inner life force. The power of kindness has advantages when built into one of your main features of your character.

(2010, paperback, 86 pages)