Grandpa's Tongue-in-Cheek Poetry


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Grandpa's Tongue-in-Cheek Poetry
by Hans G. Frischmuth

This is an accumulation of comical poetry
Assembled over the years;
Each poem marking a special occasion,
Always looking for unusual and unexpected
Punch lines.

My little granddaughter once said that
I am the only one laughing about my jokes.

So I am sending this book on a mission
To find someone else who will.

About the Author

Hans G. Frischmuth was born in Koeln, Germany, in the 1930s. He attended high school and business schools in Hamburg from which he graduated with honors. He then joined an export company that acted as a purchasing and research office for large department stores in South and Southwest Africa. He went to Toronto, Canada, in 1956. There he started in the business of importing and servicing industrial machinery and became joint owner until his retirement in 1992.

Mr. Frischmuth married his sweetheart in 1961 and is happily married to this date. He has two daughters, each of whom blessed him with two grandchildren. He makes his home in beautiful Wasaga Beach, Ontario on the southern shore of Georgian Bay.

(2011, hardcover, 32 pages)