Heroic Twist


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Heroic Twist
by Edward N. Magi, Jr.

While driving back from his part-time job, a semi-retired salesman witnesses an incredible car accident. There is a car about to explode, and it contains an unconscious young woman. John Taggi extracts the woman from the car just prior to the inferno. Soon it was learned that the young woman is the daughter of a very prominent mafia boss in New York City who is anxious to repay his debt to Mr. Taggi. Soon John finds it necessary to call in the debt when his son is harassed and beaten by local thugs over gambling debts. The situation soon intensifies, misunderstandings occur, murder, and a conclusion neither The Don nor John Taggi could have anticipated.

About the Author

The author is a recently retired businessman, a father of seven, and a grandfather of thirteen. Married and living in a small suburb of Connecticut with his wife, Jeanne, the author decided to utilize some of his spare time by creating a fictional story. Being retired is great after fifty years in the workplace, but playing golf and attending endless Little League games wasnt enough to satisfy his expectation of retirement. Reading various novels inspired him to write his first book.

(2011, paperback, 120 pages)