High Mountain Flora: Weeds or Wildflowers

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High Mountain Flora: Weeds or Wildflowers
by Marlynn D. Mulder

Marlynn D. Mulder has spent all her life in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She enjoys hiking in this paradise. Over time, she began recording what she found. As the seasons pass even known and loved spots reveal new treasures. The light changes, flowers bloom, and the landscape explodes with colors.

High Mountain Flora: Weeds or Wildflowers captures the beauty of the natural world. Close up photographs reveal the unexpected colors in a cactus and wider shots show the infinite textures and colors of a field of flowers.

Mulders photographs will remind you of a mountain visit or perhaps inspire you to go West.

About the Author:

Marlynn D. Mulder lives in a small town in north Colorado. She loves spending time with her family and being outside. She enjoys hiking with her husband and always brings her camera with her.

(2016, Hardcover, 104 pages)