Hole in One Pair of Pants: AKA Donald's Book of Golf Lists

ISBN: 978-0-8059-9566-4
by Donald Miller A Hole in One Pair of Pants is an assortment of golfing lists. Some lists are linked to Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods. A wide variety of instructional information is presented, and several golfing myths are debunked (or rather, debunkered). There are some general lists and some precise lists; some are long and some are short. Some lists are serious, and several are humorous, but all are golf-relatedunless theyre not. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Donald Miller, fifty-three, has been a furniture manufacturing professional for thirty-two years, but his ardent vocation is golf, a game that he has played for more than forty years. His infatuation with golf extends into his personal life he met his wife, Susy, in 1987 on an excursion to the Womens U.S. Open at Plainfield Country Club. Three years later, on his fortieth birthday, they were married at a golf course. Needless to say, they played golf on their honeymoon in Bermuda. They have been married for thirteen years and have two sons, Max and Gus, and a family cat, Zelda. Like every golfing enthusiast, Donald believes that he has some unique perceptions on the game. After listening to him expound on numerous golf-related topics, several of his golfing associates encouraged him to write this book. (2004, paperback, 156 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.