ISBN: 978-0-8059-8924-3
by Ki Ho Kim Ki Ho Kim takes the reader on an emotional and enthralling journey as he transitions from a carefree early childhood to life during the Korean War and finally finds a new home in a foreign land. Kim describes geographical settings of his birthplace and shares his viewpoints and impacts of international, social, and political events of his life. He reminisces about his happy childhood in China innocent and glorious moments of country living. He recalls moments like eating wild grapes picked right off of the vines near his home as he explored and gave into his adventurous nature. His happy and carefree life was then interrupted by the onset of the Korean War, leaving him an orphan. He left his homeland to travel across the 38th Parallel and worked for American soldiers in hopes to learn English. Eventually one American officer brought him to the United States and supported him all through college. As a minority Asian immigrant living in the hospitable South, he documents his provocative and eye-opening observations on the predicament the African-American and American-Indian cultures faced. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Ki Ho Kim was born the fourth son in the northern tip of Korea on the banks of the Yelu, which flows between China and Korea. His earliest memories include growing up in China, but his family eventually moved back to Korea for his education. His Korean education ended with the start of the Korean War. For almost four years prior to coming to the United States, he had no formal schooling. He regained his normal being and the benefits of a tranquil life in this country. He finished high school and went on to college, where he earned a degree in engineering. He has his own family and an adopted country now. He has revisited his birth country as an adult. Kim feels his life is rich, having lived under many different cultures, in three countries, and under six different governments. (2007, paperback, 146 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.