Honeycutt's Traveling Rodeo and Genuine Old Fashioned Medicine Show


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Honeycutt’s Traveling Rodeo and Genuine Old Fashioned Medicine Show

By: John Longbottom


About the Book

Honeycutt’s Traveling Rodeo and Genuine Old Fashioned Medicine Show is a retro-beat short story presenting a behind-the-scenes glimpse into a quirky modern-day traveling rodeo and medicine show. At times poignant, occasionally absurd, and often humorous, John Longbottom presents vignettes of this unusual crew of mismatched souls. Discover how twin sisters Abigail and Zelda came to run this ragged outfit. Meet the cross-eyed clown, Joe the Indian, and J.D. the musician, along with an assorted cast of zany carny performers. Listen in on their private conversations, learn who dislikes who and why, how they protect their own secrets, and how they all came together to work in this modern-day Wild West show.

About the Author

John Longbottom, originally from England, spent most of his life as a musician, songwriter, performer and entertainer who has played with a variety of bands. He has spent the last twenty-five years of his career as a successful solo performer touring Europe and the East Coast of the USA. His somewhat irreverent sense of humor reflected in his performances and writing, is born of these life experiences. Now retired and living on North Carolina, Longbottom was looking forward to a quite dotage until his muse came knocking at his door demanding to be heard. He learned when the muse calls you better answer the door. For more information on John Longbottom please visit johnlongbottom.net.


(2020, paperback, 62 pages)