Hoodwinked and Vamboozeled Again, a.k.a. The Book of Things That Just Needed to Be Said

ISBN: 978-0-8059-8808-6
by Frederick C. Ward From this book, Id like to start a revolution like the civil rights revolutions of the 1960s, but Im not looking for any mass marches or violent clashes with the police. Violence is clearly not the answer. Id like this revolution to make it so its considered cool or phat or whatever young people call it to want to learn. I want to see newspaper stories about how were now actually using the education money to hire more teachers to be able to keep up with the raising amount of young African Americans seeking INPUT! I want to read stories in National Geographic about two separate forest ranges that were scheduled to be cut down decades from now that are being cut down today just to be able to print the books needed to satisfy this newfound thirst for knowledge from the black communityThatd be cool. ABOUT THE AUTHOR I state that Im from a broken home in my book, but I need to stress that it happened not because my father was a bad father, but because of the long hours my father worked to keep a roof over our heads. In the end, it had the same effect on the family as it would have had if he was not there at all. As I raise my sons, I see what I missed not being able to be with my father as much as Id liked. Fathers, lets get together and change that, okay? My name is Frederick C. Ward. Im a forty-four-year-old American of African decent. Im a father of five with another son on the way. Im also a grandfather already, which means that I was sexually active at an early age (no guidance early on to clue me in on why that's a bad thing). After getting mad as too many young African Americans use excuses to explain why they havent done better in their lives, I decided to write this book. Together, lets dispel the myths and step up to the plate as Americans. (2006, paperback, 132 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.