How Universities Under Develop You!

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How Universities Under Develop You!
by Festo Michael Kambarangwe

I became a writer in primary school when I consolidated some notes on history, science, and civics. The notebook was successfully sold to fellow primary school students.

I also wrote many unpublished poems on football and family, inspired by my sister who was great in composing poems and lyrics. But Shabaan Robert, an East African writer, was the biggest inspiration for my writing, though folk and ancient storytellers also had an influence. My dad was also an inspiration in some ways, having gone through Missionary Rubya Seminary during the colonial days.

In high school, I wrote short stories and a number of both published and unpublished poems. But when I joined university, I had almost ceased writing. I didnt write until later, when a relation and friend, motivated my brother and I to write for the Sunday News and Observer.

I then went on to pursue a career in sales and marketing. I realized many of the work skills I needed I learned by doing, not in the classroom.

Then I met Dr Lemayoni, a colleague in the military national service and at the university, and I felt a need to inspire others as he had inspired me. I decided to consolidate all I knew from work and revise and observe why I grew or didnt, and I found that what they dont teach you at the university is to seek your inspiration and focus on what you want.

(2009, paperback, 134 pages)