How Well Does a Man Really Know His Woman?

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How Well Does a Man Really Know His Woman?
by Mark Warren

This book is about todays relationships. The author discusses how a man and a woman are supposed to treat each other, how a woman is supposed to act, and how the relationship can turn into a marriage. Other topics focus on how not to let your friends come between you and your partner and about how a woman doesnt have to settle for just anything.

Todays men and women have to read this book to improve their relationship and to become a better man or a better woman. Read this book and learn how to improve your relationship if there is something wrong. This book will serve as your guide to your relationship or marriage and how not to walk from each other: fight for your real and loving relationship.

The author wrote this book because it is very important to know what is wrong with young relationships.

About the Author

Mark Warren started this book by going to God for answers. He then began writing about what he sees going on in todays relationships. Warren always wanted to do something to help other people. He started by becoming a counselor in 2010. He discovered his gift was to help people. This book is his way to continue down the path God wants for him.

Warren wants to let other people know they are not alone. They have a lot to look forward to. He wrote this book for young men and women to learn something about themselves, to have more respect towards each other, and to know how to talk to each other. Warren has even more books that he plans on writing.

(2013, paperback, 38 pages)