i am not tall @ all

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I am not tall @ all
by Narges

Narges is not in love with writing @ all, nor does she love her fingers dedication to painting & creating art in all media & mediums. She has no choice in both, movement of her hands occupying her fingers and her ways of thinking, moving, being, sinking. Seeing. Sinning. Singing. Signing. Nor does she deliberately move form & all its formats. Only, she knows that that she is missing home. When asleep, she leaps, diving into the deep space, as she let her hers go, ears go. Yet, she still sees how the eraser follows. Her Mom replied: Oh no.

Narges was a little girl when her mother had to let her go. Her mother was 16 when she gave birth to her. Narges was ten years old when she first had to migrate from Tehran to Munich, Germany, where her father had migrated to years before. She is about to move back to the United States, so the question is then where is home?

Narges still remembers the last words her mom told her, telling, saying; Narges-am, Dokhtaram, Kochooloye man. Toye in rah, u need 2 alwayz remember this 1, first thing, Khoone-h Ye Khoda Bargh Nadare, Ke Nouresh Bere-h. Meaning, Gods house doesnt run on electricity for its light, therefore there are no Blackouts in a human heart. Fatemeh kisses her child at Tehran, Mehrabads airport, whispering this long whisper: God is always in you, goodbye child. Fatemeh is a believer.

God formed us. But not through a Big Bang, oh no She said. But rather true a Bud.

Us, this is the shape of human matter, iEye over the human soul, u, the solo.

Narges is not in love with writing, neither does Narges like to paint; she has no choice, except to accept to submit to the moves meant for her fingers in this life, minus time.

(2017, Paperback, 226 pages)