I Am Oscar. I Am in Charge.

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I Am Oscar. I Am in Charge.
by Jeannette Aragones

Meet Oscar the ferret! He is fun-loving, curious, lovable, stubborn and smart. Oscar tells the story of his life with his friend Jetta. He loves to play and sometimes gets himself into mischief! In I Am Oscar. I Am in Charge. He tells us and shows us all about his experiences at home and his many adventures exploring the world. Oscar has a lot to teach us about living, loving and appreciating the world around us.

In the Spanish Language, the word for ferret is huron, which also means thief. Oscar stole my heart, and he will steal yours too.

-Liam Hahn, marine electrician.

Oscars kind and mischievous soul shines through in this loving portrait.

- Judith Kramer, writer.

About the Author:

Oscar is a real ferret, who came into his owners life in a moment when she most needed a friend. He was so happy, energetic and so very authentic all the time. His personality and antics inspired author Jeannette Aragones to write, I Am Oscar. I Am in Charge.

This small creature made his owner, Jeannette, appreciate all those little things that we sometimes forget to enjoy, such as playing, running, jumping, hiding and just being present in the moment. He reminded Jeannette of all those great things that she has, but has taken for granted. He has always been there for Jeannette, and is always happy to see her.

Jeannette is a dancer and an instructor. She created The Latin Dance Therapy Class for all ages. She has been teaching dance for most of her life. She currently works as a CNA at South Peninsula Hospital and volunteers by teaching children to dance. She lives happily in Homer, Alaska with Oscar and Cosmo.

(2017, Paperback, 32 pages)