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by Brenda Cummings

I AM THE HUGGER! is an engaging introduction to the importance of trees. Trees are one of our planets most vital natural resources, providing us with countless medicines, products, and oxygen. Reforestation helps to combat climate change; so trees really do deserve our hugs!

About the Author:

Brenda Cummings has been entertaining kids of all ages for many years. As a performer and collaborator with the world-renowned childrens theater company, The Paper Bag Players, Brenda created shows, songs, and books for children all over the world.

Brenda has spent the last several years working with environmental commissions and green teams, educating children and grownups about environmental issues through programming, newspaper articles, and blogs. In her environmental education program, Granny Greens Green Machine, Brenda uses original songs, puppets, and picture books to help explain how our planets systems work together like the parts of a machine. I AM THE HUGGER! is a funny and factual look at the carbon/oxygen cycle, trees, and why we need more of them.

Brenda lives with her family in Tacoma, Washington. She loves kids, dogs, nature, music, theater, art, movies, books, and trees.

(2017, Hardcover, 46 pages)