I am the Sunset


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I am the Sunset
A Collection of Writings by Edward Roset
Edited and Contributed by Stacey Roset

I Am the Sunset is an inspiring collection of original and remarkable writings by Edward Roset. He was a man of unyielding hope, faith, and perseverance, having a great appreciation for knowledge and the poetic language. This book embarks on the personal and insightful journey through his life, leading up to the time of his tragic death.

Ed was an accomplished writer, father, friend, and devout Christian. He worked primarily as a freelance journalist for outdoor magazines and devoted much of his time to the moral guidance of his two children. He had nearly thirty years of contributing writing experience that covered everything from articles and essays to letters and poems.

Ed was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) in the mid-1990s, which caused symptoms of emotional, mental, and physical weakness; along with migraines and severe anxiety. His inability to function normally led him into an obscure state of depression.

I Am the Sunset is a final tribute to the life of Edward Roset. In it, he talks about his life, children, religion, family, personal experiences, and the chronic illness that he never overcame. He lived a life of struggle and disappointment, but through it all, he continued to keep his hope, faith, character, and honor. This compilation is a true display of his unique and creative talent, which he so eloquently stitched in time by his own hand.

(2010, paperback, 68 pages)