I Needed This


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I Needed This
by Jennifer Washington

What do you need, yes YOU??? Money, cars, closure from the past, direction for the future, peace of mind, Happiness? Well...come get it!!!

In I Needed This, author Jennifer Washington explores some of lifes most common issues. She encourages readers to redirect their way of thinking about these problems to the point that they see their problems as a necessary part of growth. We are never the same after we have experienced the worst of what life has to give us, and it is the person with the most experience who refuses to STAY the same; growth is key. I Needed This is a straightforward tool that will inspire you to look deeply at your life and discover what you really need.

About the Author

Jennifer Washington is an evolving writer, speaker, and teacher. She has begun her career with the objective of encouraging people to have authority over their own lives and become the people they wish to be. Jennifer is currently expanding her education and walking in her destiny. She lives in St. Louis, MO.

(2010, paperback, 48 pages)