I Wrote This All for You

ISBN: 978-0-8059-9856-6

by Elizabeth Castlereagh In I Wrote This All for You, Elizabeth relates the tale of a girl whose imagined true love turns out to be just another brief holiday romance. As the cold realization of her broken dreams sets in, Elizabeth sets about describing to her ex-lover, an American named Ariel, all that has happened to her before she met him. She describes her East European childhood, her tomboyishness and personal independence, her ambitions of finding fulfillment, and her desire to preserve her virginity for the man she will someday truly love. In the West, she realizes none of this. She is exploited, robbed, and abused, until, broken in spirit, she becomes the mistress of a violent, alcoholic psychopath. Enter Ariel, a good-looking, shy, gentle American. Their burgeoning relationship is blissful, and heaven seems to be here at last. Unfortunately, it is not eternity; it is ten days. Ariel returns to America. She hopes to join him, but his dwindling emails and loss of ardor tell her otherwise. How will Elizabeth cope with this with an obsessive love that will not die? Will she be able to put it to use in her poetry, painting, and songs? And when she gains catharsis, what will she say as she sits at the keyboard to write this, her last email to Ariel? ABOUT THE AUTHOR Born in Love, Slovakia, Elizabeth Castlereagh grew up in a nice family with two older brothers. She studied economics and business in Slovakia and IT in Australia. A world traveler who speaks five languages and likes to learn new things and meet new people, she has lived in Germany, England, Spain, and Australia. She likes to express her feelings on canvas, sing, and write poetry. (2006, paperback, 308 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.