I'm Not You & You're Not Me: Grandpa's Twins

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Im Not You & Youre Not Me: Grandpas Twins
by Janice Frankum

How cute the mischief when Twins explore who they really are. Sneaking in cabinets searching for pens and markers or being adventures by turning the light switch on and off on and off on and off. Wearing moms panties as a cap, or writing pretty letters to mom on the kitchen walls (illustration on cover). Even though they do not agree on most things, there is one thing they both always agree on their love for Grandpa!

Explore with a touch of humor, the lives of 3 year old Twins, Rachel and Erika. Rachel loves candy, which has earned her the reputation of being somewhat stingy and domineering. She is unafraid of punishment and enjoys taking risks. While Erika is clever, with a touch of artistic talent and a curiosity that leaves purses at her mercy.

Read about the escapades of twins, revealing their similarities and differences while establishing their own identities, showing that even though they look alike, their minds function differently.

About the Author:

The author, Janice Frankum, has captured with fear and delight, touching moments of living with her own little twin granddaughters, born in 1992. She has since retired from the TDH, in Houston, Texas, and now resides in Alvin, Texas. She and her husband Floyd (Bubba) owned and operated Dixieland Antiques for about 12 years before retiring. Now they work together, creating useful things out of leftovers from their antiquing days, and loving it!

(2016, Paperback, 36 pages)