In the Palm of My Hand

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In the Palm of My Hand
by Tonga Coleman

What goes around comes around

Sandy lives a wild life. She, with her friends Liz and Barbara, frequent bars to get drunk until they pass out, and then engage in casual sex with men they meet there. Sandy doesnt think much about marriage or her future. She lives for the moment. One day, an old man knocked on her door and said, In the palm of your hand. Then something strange occurred to her. In the palm of her hand were eyes that transformed into monsters which brutally kill people.

It turns out that Sandy and her friends had done something wrong in the past, and these monsters are out to make sure they pay for it.

About the Author

Tonga Coleman is currently studying Business Administration with emphasis on human resources. She previously wrote The Struggles of Love and Life, a collection of poetry.

(2014, Paperback, 30 pages)