In the Shadow of Joy: How Tracing My Family Roots Changed My Life


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In the Shadow of Joy: How Tracing My Family Roots Changed My Life
by Liz K. McIver

Liz K. McIver conceived this story out of the legends in her own family. Hundreds of recollections by family members were recorded and documented by Liz. Some of the stories had been borne of true incidents, and some were exaggerated over time. But Liz learned there were moments of truth in each of the familys tall tales. She became hooked and, almost as a hobby, began piecing together her family tree. She wanted to know where the truth lay.

This was a labor of love that exacted the most dogged research on Lizs part. She would match facts with legend and history to reconstitute the family story and even parts of the family tree. Her insistence on accurately telling it unleashes her familys biography in a sweeping historical panorama of takes.

This moving experience outlines Lizs struggle to unfold this story and the ways in which it changed her life.

About the Author

Liz holds an advanced degree in nursing from Ohio State University and worked for many years as a healthcare professional. She now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where she is busy raising two teenage daughters and runs daily operations for Hannahs Village, her nonprofit company that provides alternative healthcare opportunities for disabled children.

(2010, paperback, 32 pages)