Inevitable and Invincible: Towards Peace, Prosperity, and a Golden Age

ISBN: 978-1-4349-9230-7
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Inevitable and Invincible: Towards Peace, Prosperity, and a Golden Age by Dr. Pundit Kamal

The Universal Revolution will certainly be run by universally awakened, enlightened, inspired, and emboldened peoples of this whole world. This revolution will be the biggest, greatest, strongest, and most powerful revolution of all the past revolutions, and it will create the biggest, greatest, strongest, and most powerful, and most prosperous nation in this whole world. In front of the universal vigorous force of the universally united revolutionary peoples, all the nations, their national leaders, and their national governments will shiver, tremble, and certainly surrender, and their military and police will surely come to the side of the revolutionary peoples. And this biggest revolution will attain the greatest achievement of the most powerful universal nation. The Himalayas can fly, the ocean can dry, the dead can arise, but the creation of the universal nation is certainly near and inevitable by united universally revolutionary peoples of this whole world.

About the Author

Dr. Pundit Kamal is the ex-principal of the S.B. College, New Colony Palwal, in India. He founded this educational institution in 1972 and administered it until 1981. He arrived in Canada as a landed immigrant in June 1981. He is of village and post office Bassi Kalan, Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India.

The author has a university degree from Agra University, India, in political science, sociology, English literature, and Hindi. He has an honorary doctorate in divinity. Dr. Pundit Kamal is certain that the creation of the Universal Nation is inevitable. He sees coming generations living in a utopia of everlasting springtime, in a state of peace, health, prosperity, and a clean environment.

(2008, paperback, 220 pages)