Insight 1

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by Anne Erskine

Insight is a collection of recently composed poems arranged in alphabetical order according to title. These poems focus on art and music, truth and falsehood, love and betrayal, which are forces that constantly engage the human spirit. The poems explore the homonyms insight, incite, and in sight.

Insight is a heavy burden of discerning the true nature and complexity of situations and their effects. Language and truth must be one with each other or we truly have no way to live together in freedom. Our current prevailing culture pushes upon us lies and deceit. It attacks the very basis of a persons worth by trying to make people believe they have no will, no discipline, and no hope unless it comes from politicians.

Writers have a duty to use their talent to expose deceit and to present truth based on fact through their insight. The writing of poetry has been a revolutionary act of truth telling for thousands of years.

About the Author:

Anne Marie Erskine lives with her husband, Jim, in Prescott, Arizona. She has a Master of Arts in the Humanities from The California State University.

Through her study of literature, Anne Marie has developed a love oF writing poetry for its own beauty and because the writing and reading of poetry results in a mature understanding of life because poetry demands a sharp focus on the exactness of words to express meaning and content and, therefore, an exactness of belief. That discipline helps end solipsistic preoccupations of the self and results in what the Greeks called arte excellence and virtue in the search for truth and the development of our character and a rejection of the relativistic values and exposing empty slogans for what they are. Our Dream and our Happiness are within, not given by others, and poetry can help us discover that truth and define it for us. Poetry is a form of communication that can awaken truth through our engagement with ourselves and our world. Writing is the perfect way to discover what we believe, what we profess, what we love, and what we will not abide.

Insight is Anne Maries second book of published poetry. Shadow Dance is her first.

(2015, Hardcover, 104 pages)