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by L. N. Preston

Officer Toni Hill is a police officer in a small Vermont town. After the death of her partner, Steve Watson, Toni is visited in her dreams by Steve and two other officers who were murdered in cold blood. She is driven by these visions to help them find peace and get justice. After the murder of another officer from her department, she teams up with the Trooper investigating Steves death to try and figure out who is killing police officers and why. But discovering who the murderer is may only be half the battle as she realizes he intends to now kill her.

About the Author

L.N. Preston was raised in upstate New York. She has been interested in Law Enforcement from a young age. She would listen to the stories her grandfather, Bill Preston, would tell of his time as a police officer. She went to college in Vermont, where she currently resides, and has a B.A. in Criminal Justice. She is working on her Masters in Community Counseling. She has worked in the fields of education and criminal justice. She uses her knowledge from her time as a part-time law enforcement officer in a small Vermont department to create the story Insight.

(2012, paperback, 78 pages)