Inspector Sarah (Special Investigative Unit)

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Inspector Sarah (Special Investigative Unit)
by Edward N. Magi Jr.

In the trilogy Heroic Twist, Detective Sarah The Pitbull Peterso and Inspector Sarah S.I.U. enable the reader to experience the growth in the careers of gifted female law enforcers.

After her days as a detective in a small town in Connecticut, Sarah is appointed as Inspector of a Special Investigative Unit. For her and the unique team she assembles the focus is on the worst and most difficult cases. This elite team tackles human trafficking, terrorism, mafia connected cases, and a cold case murder.

The persistence and tenacity of this law enforcer and her accomplishments will springboard her image to national prominence and admiration.

About the Author: The retired author writes to fill the void between family events and his time on the golf course. After developing the character, Sarah Peterson, and through strong encouragement by his readers, he continues his effort.

The author can be contacted via e-mail at Comments are welcome.

(2015, Paperback, 164 pages)