Intimate Delights


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Intimate Delights
by Robin Hamilton

Intimate Delights is a cookbook designed to ignite true passion and love between couples. With desire in their hearts and romance on their minds, any couple can create a romantic evening filled with affection and appreciation with the help of Intimate Delights.

About the Author

After witnessing failed relationships and experiencing a failed marriage of her own, Robin L. Hamilton decided to dedicate her life to empowering couples. Her aim is to help them focus on each other and the romance that brought them together in an effort to help them keep their love alive. Through learned lessons, she has collected an abundance of knowledge about what it takes to keep a relationship filled with passion and positive energy, and she hopes to inspire couples to let that type of love be their guide.

Hamilton is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Human Service Management. She is an author and the founder of Intimate Delights Inc.

(2010, paperback, 88 pages)