Just Three Lines


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Just Three Lines
by Sheila Vijayan

Young readers exposed to different poetic forms such as haiku will realize how fascinating and engaging poetry is. Just Three Lines presents delightfully written modern haiku to its readers. This collection captures the most ordinary moments in life in a lighthearted way. The haiku paired with the vibrant images in the illustrations will attract the attention of any boy or girl. Just Three Lines will not only stimulate its readers to appreciate the smaller things in life but also spark their enthusiasm for poetry in general.

About the Author

Sheilas love for poetry has come a long way since her childhood fascination with Mother Goose rhymes. In college, she pursued her interest for all things lyrical studying English Literature. As an Editor, she enjoyed managing the production of poetry books. Sheila lives in Southern California with her wonderful husband and their bubbly toddler boy, with whom she is reminiscing her carefree days of enjoying Mother Goose.

(2010, casebound, 30 pages)